45 Colt+P 335gr Hardcast Solid™ WFNGC

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Heavy, hardcast, and hard-hitting! This is THE load for big critters using your .45 Colt. Whether you are hunting, deer, elk, moose, or just want something for protection against animals that bite back, this is the best .45 Colt load available. These loads are safe in all Ruger revolvers, TC Contender, Colt Anaconda, BFR revolvers, and Freedom Arms firearms. These loads are safe in all modern Model 1892 leverguns as well as all Winchester & Marlin 1894's. DO NOT USE IN ANY OTHER FIREARM. THESE ARE NOT STANDARD PRESSURE CARTRIDGES! Operating at 27,500PSI

Caliber : .45 Colt +P

Bullet : 335gr. WFNGC Harcast

Ballistics : 1250fps - 1163 ft./lbs. - 7.5" bbl.
1605fps from a 16.5" carbine
1055fps from a 2.5" Ruger Alaskan