10mm 230gr Equalizer™

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Double Ammunition.

Penetration. Expansion. Damage. Power. Controllable.
These are words used to describe the new 230gr. Equalizer from DoubleTap.

What about two shots in one?
A 135gr. JHP over a 95gr. lead ball @ 1040fps. This load is VERY accurate and
produces two holes on target. The ball hits high every time - less than one inch
from the JHP @ 10yds and 2.5" from the JHP @ 25yds

Caliber : 10mm

Bullet : 230gr. two projectiles: 135gr. JHP and 95gr. lead ball

Ballistics : 1040fps/ 553 ft./lbs. - Glock 20
Glock 29 - 1000fps