10mm 180gr FMJ-FP Match

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Finally, a true MATCH grade load for your 10mm Auto! Accuracy with this load is phenomenal! Whether you are a casual 10mm shooter, competition shooter at the top of your class, or avid outdoors-man prepping to go out in the woods, the 10mm 180gr FMJ Match will put new life into your handgun. The tough FMJ-FP bullet will shoot extremely tight groups and provide deep penetration on target if needed.

As with all ammo loaded at Doubletap Ammunition, this load is manufactured by hand with the highest quality components available on the market today. It then undergoes a rigid inspection process prior to leaving the factory. Tolerances are held extremely tight with the powder charge being held within + or - 1/10th of a grain of powder.

The BEST firearms require the BEST ammunition (even when practicing) and Doubletap Ammunition has your back.

Caliber: 10mm

Bullet: 180gr FMJ-FP


  • Glock 29 - 1185 fps / 561 ft lbs
  • Glock 20 - 1250 fps / 625 ft lbs