38 Special 148gr Full Wadcutter Match

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This is the most accurate load that money can buy for your .38 Special! Specifically made to deliver one hole accuracy out to 50yds. Loaded to extremely tight tolerances and priced right for matches and for getting the most from your .38 special or 357 Magnum for accuracy. This load uses a 21BHN hardness HARDCAST bullet so it will not lead up your bbl and will not deform on impact.

Velocity: 800fps / 4" Ruger GP-100
6.0" bbl S&W - 855fps
2.0" bbl - 740fps
Bullet: MATCH GRADE Full Wadcutter 148gr. Hardcast

Muzzle Energy: 210 ft. lbs. 4"
240 ft. lbs. 6.0""
180 ft. lbs