9mm+P 115gr DT LEAD FREE™ SC-HP

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This lead free load is one of the most versatile ever manufactured in the 9mm. Featuring the solid copper DT LEAD FREE bullet, you will see superior penetration and expansion with 100% weight retention. Testing has shown that this load will consistently penetrate 13.25" into ballistic gellatin with .69" of expansion. We have found that this bullet will also hit these same marks whether it is shot directly into ballistic gellatin or if it has been shot through common barriers first (Auto Glass, Sheet Metal, Drywall/ Studs, Heavy Clothing, Etc). The 9mm+P 115gr DT LEAD FREE is truly the go to choice when your life is on the line.


Bullet:115gr DT Lead Free

Ballistics:1250fps / 445ft. lbs. from a G17.
1200fps / 393ft. lbs. from a G19