357 SIG 125gr Controlled Expansion ™ JHP

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For those that love the .357 Sig, we have the perfect loading for you! The .357 Sig was developed to match the .357 Magnum in speed and power using a 125gr. bullet (1450fps). Recently there have been no options for the serious .357 Sig shooter to get this velocity. At Doubletap we have developed a loading that combines speed, power, and match grade accuracy! All of this and we use a flash suppressed powder for virtually no muzzle flash.

3.5" barrel - 1415fps
4.5" barrel - 1525fps

Caliber : .357 Sig

Bullet : 125gr. Controlled Expansion™ Jacketed Hollow Point

Ballistics : 1450fps / 584 ft. lbs. 4"bbl