338 Win Mag 250gr CT gold Partition 20rds..

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The perfect big game load for North America! This loading features a 250gr Partition Gold bullet. The partition is moved 20% further forward which gives more penetration and better weight retention than standard partitions. Behind the partition is a steel cup holding the lead in place and preventing a bulged bullet. Expansion runs to from .84" to 1.1" while penetration runs deep enough to take elk and moose from raking angles AND allow for complete penetration. Whether you are an elk and moose hunter or you want to have a load that will reliably take game from deer to Alaskan Brown Bear, this is it!

Exterior Ballistics: 200yd. zero
100yds - 1.8" high 2594fps / 3735ft/lbs
200yds - zeroed 2444fps / 3315ft/lbs
300yds - 7.7" low 2300fps / 2935ft/lbs
400yds - 21.9" low 2160fps / 2590ft/lbs
500yds - 43.6" low 2025fps / 2280ft/lbs

Caliber : .338 Win. Magnum

Bullet : 250gr CT Partition Gold Jacketed Soft Point

Ballistics : 2750fps - 4200 ft./lbs. - 24.0" bbl. Ruger M77

Box of 20rds.