About us

You’ve heard this scenario before: Someone wants to buy a product but can’t find it for sale anywhere, so he decides to create what’s needed through much toil, sweat, and tears. Then, he starts a company to share the product with others. The history of Doubletap Ammunition is a history similar to many American companies. Mike McNett had a dream to own his own business, and he saw a need for a product that wasn’t being produced: high-performance, 10mm ammo for a 10mm pistol. Like many other entrepreneurs, Mike ventured out to produce something he wanted for himself. He did this through learning about what makes ammunition perform at the highest levels, testing, and hard work. Once he had created what he was looking for, he decided to make it available to the public. In 2002, the dream of Doubletap Ammunition was made into a reality in Mike’s garage.

Doubletap Ammunition has rapidly gained a reputation for powerful, reliable and accurate ammunition. We continue to be at the cutting edge of innovation from defensive ammunition to hunting ammunition. Quality control and precision craftsmanship are top priority at Doubletap. Every single round that goes out the door has been touched by our hands and inspected by our eyes.

If you have tried our ammunition, you have most likely referred a friend or relative to buy Doubletap as well. If you haven't, What are you waiting for? It might be the best decision that you make all year.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 

(435) 383-3208

Dealer sales and application:  office@doubletapammo.com

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Cedar City, UT 84721

Thank you,

Mike McNett
President/ CEO
DoubleTap Ammunition