454 Casull 250gr DT LEAD FREE™ SC-HP 20rds

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This is a great hunting load for the .454 Casull! This loading features a 250gr solid copper bullet developed specifically for .454 velocities. Expansion runs to from 1.0" to 1.15" while penetration runs deep enough to take elk and moose from raking angles. Truly a great hunting tool for the lower 48 and more!

Caliber : .454 Casull

Bullet : 250gr. Barnes XPB Lead Free

Ballistics : 1850fps - 1900 ft./lbs. - 7.5" bbl.
2285fps and 2886 ft lbs from a Legacy Sports Puma 92 20"
1450fps from a 2.5" Ruger Alaskan